Jeroen Marinus

Jeroen Marinus

This is me.

My name is Jeroen Marinus. I'm 28 years old, I build websites for a living, I make music and I'm a private pilot.
I live in Wilrijk, a suburb of Antwerp, with my beautiful girlfriend.

In numbers


As a webdeveloper, I specialize in the Drupal CMS. I also try my best to contribute to the Drupal community by reporting issues and submitting patches.
Outside of Drupal, I have a strong knowledge of the PHP language and I'm getting to know my way around the Symfony framework.

For a more detailed overview of my skills and experience, please see my cv.


Besides pure web development, I like to experiment with electronics and physical computing.
I have a few Raspberry Pi's which I use for several projects ranging from automated alarm clocks to smart thermostats and other IoT/smarthome stuff.
These projects are mostly built using the Python language and it's Django framework.


Music is a big part of my life. I listen to music for at least 6 hours a day, and I'm constantly searching for new music. That I've been playing the guitar since I was 12 might also have something to do with that...

Currently, I play the guitar in a pop-punk band called False Archetypes. While setting our goals high, we're primarily a tight group of friends having fun and making memories.
If you like bands like Paramore, We Are The In Crowd and Tonight Alive, I suggest you listen to our demo.


I am a private pilot, flying small single-engine aircraft. Making a boyhood dream come true, I now regularly go flying with friends and family.
Seeing the world from the sky, and being able to share that with my loved ones is one of the best experiences in the world.

As if real aircraft aren't enough, I also fly RC airplanes. If the winds are too strong, I also like to take out a kite.
What attracts me to RC flying is the combination of the airplanes and the electronics. I also enjoy the (scratch) building and repairing of the aircraft.
I'm also looking for fellow RC pilots to build and fly with. If you fly in the vicinity of Antwerp, please let me know