Jeroen Marinus

This project was developed in name of Mia Interactive.

Plan Cadeau

Plan Cadeau is a gift shop operated by Plan Belgium, as part of their fundraising activities.
It differs from other gift shops in the fact that you don't buy a physical item for yourself or the receiver.
Instead, you get a personalized certificate which represents an item or service which Plan Belgium should use your money for. e.g.: Breakfast kits for 10 children, the opportunity for 10 children to go to school, etc...

Technologies used:

  • Drupal 7
    • Drupal Commerce
  • Apache SOLR Search

My responsibilities:

  • Building the website
  • Configuring the webshop
  • Setting up the SOLR Search integration
  • Provide ongoing support and additional development

I want a site like this one!

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