Jeroen Marinus

Youth club Vizit

Youth club Vizit is the local youth club in the town where I live. They are a subsidized non-profit organisation responsible for engaging the local youth on different levels.
Their aim is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the local youth to meet other people, organize events, participate in workshops and generally support them in whatever crazy ideas they would like to try through volunteering.

In the spring of 2008 I became a volunteer there and have since been slowly climbing up the ladder.
Since I build websites for a living, when the time came to replace the previous website I volunteered to build a new one.

Technologies used:

  • Drupal 7

My responsibilities:

  • Building the website
  • Themeing the website
  • Implementation of a calendar system, as an interal tool for planning of all events.
  • Importing of all previous news articles
  • rovide ongoing support and additional development

I want a site like this one!

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